— Why visit TOEwine —
2019 TOEwine will be held in Shenzhen again!
Shenzhen is a beautiful and developed city with eight harbors in Southern China. Based on the mature nationwide transportation, Shenzhen is well connected with the Chinese mainland as well as global major cities through international airports in Shenzhen or its bordering metropolis, Hong Kong.
Shenzhen is also a huge market for wine importation and consumption in Chinese mainland. In terms of supply channels, there are over 3,000 wine companies basing in Shenzhen, of which the wine import value has topped the country during the past two years. The market accepts higher-price and higher-quality wines compared with the rest of its counterpart cities, and meanwhile Shenzhen customs  sets higher threshold for low-price OEM wines, creating a favourable environment for wine trading.
In terms of demand, Shenzhen is a hub of wine transactions and leads the trend in wine consumption nationwide. According to statistics from China Securities Regulatory Commission, there are 267 listed companies in Shenzhen, among sectors as high-technology, finance, real estate, and creative design, etc. Over 260 companies among the “Fortune Global 500” have established their branch offices in Shenzhen. By boosting economic grow, these enterprises form a continuous momentum for the consumption of wine and spirits .