— Argentina Wine Traveller Certificate Programme —
This course was jointly offered by Wines of Argentina and Aroma Republic as one of the activities at TOEwine 2018. It was the only official certification course of Wines of Argentina in China (up until 2018) and an authoritative and professional window to learn more about Argentine wines. The certification course aimed to promote Argentina's wine regions, grape varieties, unique styles and exceptional quality.
Lecturer Stone Lu introduced his rich knowledge of wine regions, including complete varietal characteristics, history, culture and cuisine, which was the perfect Argentine wine experience! The course took the unique form of a study tour, with clues about "Travel", "Discovery" and "Falling in Love".
The attendees tasted six representative Argentine wines, covering both typical varieties and classic regions, and received a beautiful textbook together with a memorable certificate. Once launched, wine lovers showed great interest in Argentina wines, and the course was quickly fully booked online before the activity. Many walk-in visitors just stood at the back of the tasting room to listen the course and enjoy learning more about wine from Argentina.
It was a very professional wine certification course and an interesting journey through Argentina with its wines as the central feature. It not only enabled the participants to know more about Argentine wines, but also created the impulse to immediately embark on a trip to Argentina!