— China Food & Drinks Fair in Chengdu —
During their five day visit to the China Food & Drink Fair in Chengdu, the #TOEwine team met with many wine suppliers from all over the world to find out more about their channels and markets and better understand their needs and expectations.

The following are some personal opinions about this fair:
1.  This year there were 10 wine shows, with some organizers holding exhibitions in several hotels at the same time. While this was beneficial to segment the audience, in some events it led to an uneven flow of visitors between the hotels, which resulted in a lower number of visitors in some hotels.
2.  The layout of the wine shows was not so clear as they were distributed in many different areas of the hotels (unlike a hall exhibition, which has a well-structured, square layout).
3.  In terms of exhibitors, there were importers and many wineries (mostly from Australia) who came to recruit domestic agents directly.
4.  During their visit to the two main hotels, it was very positive to find an increased proportion of high-end original wines, while other hotels were more likely to exhibit some low-end products or OEM wines.

In general, the TOEwine team was surprised to find that the Chinese wine market is becoming more standardized, while the service among similar exhibitions is improving. Furthermore, the purpose of the exhibitors to participate in the exhibitions was clearer than before and the degree of professionalism of the audience was higher. While the scale of the exhibitions is expanding, it’s also necessary to pay attention to ensuring the quality of exhibitor services and providing clear directions and layouts for the attendees.
TOEwine will keep learning and summarizing during their following visit. Focusing on quality and professionalism, TOEwine is also committed to innovating in exhibition services and providing an effective communication platform for exhibitors and visitors! Stay tuned to us!