— Why exhibit at TOEwine —
Shenzhen has witnessed great success in the 1st. edition of TOEwineExpo in 2018 with high praise from exhibitors and visitors. Around 200 quality exhibitors, carefully selected by TOEwine,have participated in the show. We aimed to invite exhibitors from famous wine regions, or with unique wine styles, and producers or importers who attach importance to the product quality.

We received 10062 visitors during the 3-day show, covering importers/distributors, wholesalers, hypermarket and premium catering industry, together with high-end consumers from corporations and premium clubs.
In order to set up a clear and professional wine exhibition brand image, TOEwine adopted a full-channel-covering promotion strategy during 2018, and teamed up with more than 30 media among 8 types of media channels to release advertisement.


The feedback from exhibitors showed their satisfaction with 2018 TOEwine:
82% of interviewees were satisfied (or very satisfied) with the quality of visitors, and 95% of interviewees confirmed their plans to participate in 2019 TOEwine.
TOE is an abbreviation of “Taste of Excellence", which represents our commitment to seeking excellence and spreading the idea of extraordinary taste. “Taste of Excellence” is always the mission of TOEwine, which will guide us in the organization of future editions. We welcome exhibitors from the world seeking after this same goal to participate in 2019 TOEwine, where you have more opportunities to access new contacts and reliable long-term partnerships!