— Advertisement and Sponsorship —
TOE provides the exhibitors with free advertising opportunities and tools:
1、 Exhibitors’information including English and Chinese names as well as Booth Number will be displayed on TOE's official online media such as our official website, Wechat account, Weibo, Headlines, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.
2、 The TOE catalogue will display the exhibitors' information including both Chinese and English names, booth number and location.
3、 Exhibitors’logos will be displayed on the Logo wall at the Platform Entrance.
4、 Customized e-invitation card, email signiture banner, website banner.
Aside from the advertising tools mentioned above, TOE provides the public with activities sponsorship. The sponsors' information (e.g. names, logos, booth numbers) can be shown on the advertising area, which is beneficial to increase the exposure rates.  The sponsorship can be shown at:


1)The welcome party of TOEwine Expo International located in the designated-hotel on Oct.10th.,2019
2)Accessories, including entry badge, badge lanyard, eco-friendly bag
3)The catalogue front cover, back cover or inside pages
4)TOE's official website, Wechat online platform, and message system
5)The hanging advertisement outside the convention & exhibition center
6)The hanging advertisement inside the convention & exhibition center

For any details relating to sponsorship, please contact:

Please contact us to advertise or sponsor at TOEwine Expo