— Why visit TOE —
For Buyers:

1. A  professional , trendy and  interactive wine exhibition

2. China's first professional wine exhibition integrating wine, whisky, sake and new country made wine,  connecting B-end and C-end buyers and creating immersive experience of wine culture; 

3. A professional  platform connecting global high-quality wine suppliers and Chinese importers, distributors, terminal customers, enthusiasts, investors and collectors;
Notice to Visit:

1)Exhibition Time:  August 26th, 2022 (Thursday)-August 29th (Sunday);

2)  Exhibition Address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian);

3)  Visit instructions: This exhibition is only open to professional audiences. Please register in advance through mini program or official account or apply for admission free of charge with industry business cards on site. When entering, please hang the admission card and cooperate with the inspection.    

4)  Admission process: register at the front office--exchange admission cards/visit guide - undergo scanning and epidemic prevention by staff- admit to the exhibition hall;

5)  Pre-registration online before the exhibition: Audiences can search "TOE Shenzhen Wine Exhibition" through mini program or official account on wechat to look for pre-registration intersections, and submit personal information to obtain admission cards. Please note that this exhibition distinguishes ordinary audiences from members of Star Buyer Club, and audiences can choose to pre-register in accordance with their actual demands. 

6)On-site Registration: audiences  who have not pre-registered online need to hold industry business cards and registrate at the audience registration office. 

7)Group Visit Registration: please contact philip.li   0755-86958790 ( Philip.li@cetimes.com)   

Notice to Epidemic Prevention:

In order to prevent and control the epidemic,ensure the successful opening of TOE and the safe operation of the city, we kindly remind you:

1)Audiences are required to register with valid identity cards,  and the on-site staff will check “Guangdong health code (GHC)”, "Travel Code” and measure body temperature. If unusual situation is discovered, it is required to follow up with the staff. 

2)Admission is strictly  prohibited if body temperature exceeds 37.3°

3)According to the superior department, the organizer establishes and adjusts plans for high-risk areas with travel history, residency history, and contact history, refuses to allow the returnees in such areas to participate in the exhibition, and reports to the relevant departments.

4)During the exhibition,audiences should wear masks,  keep proper social safety distance, and clean hands in time.