— Premium Buyer Recruitment —
What is Star Buyer Club?
    Star Buyer Club is one-to-one exclusive service provided by TOE  for high-quality buyers with clear purchasing needs or intentions from various channels. Here, buyers can avoid complicated steps such as screening and appointment.Under the assistance of service specialists, buyers can negotiate face-to-face with domestic and foreign suppliers , which greatly improves purchasing efficiency.
    In addition, it is also a high-end platform to communicate with industry elites and share the latest  information. Each buyer will join the club after the approval of Huabo and enjoy the distinguished buyer service.

Who can be a Star Buyer Club Member?

1) Relevant personnels in the enterprise with purchasing decisions 
2)Relevant personnels of global and domestic Top 500  as well as domestic listed  and state-owned enterprise institutions with purchasing function 
3) Traders, importers, wholesalers, buyers in the wine industry
4)Dealers engaged in the field of tobacco and alcohol or operators in catering industry
5) Winemakers, sommeliers, executive chefs of star hotels.

What are the privileges available to members of Star Buyer Club?

1)Pre-exhibition: 2022 TOE pre-exhibition preview (electronic version or EDM) and the badge can be obtained without queuing for admission.  
2)During the exhibition: provide sponsored gifts, proceedings and lunch coupons, open exclusive VIP negotiation areas and non-external exclusive trade reception and give priority to all theme activities. 
3)After Exhibition:2022 TOE  post-exhibition report (electronic version or EDM)  available.

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