— Why exhibit at TOEwine —
1/ To Meet Professional Buyers Extensively Selected From The Domestic Wine Trade
We recruit professional buyers from all over China,especially in South China.We take the initiative to network with as many buyers as possible through extensive phone calls,emails and various wine events. Some professional buyers come from wine associations,enterprise unions wine media,etc.

2/To Meet Rapidly Increasing Number Of Corprate Buyers
Giving full play to the location and economic advantages of Shenzhen,we have many cross-border resources in which high-quality corprate buyers for wine & spirits can be found.Also ,we combine the corprate buyers with enthusiats with strong purchasing power to form a unique database for TOEwine.


3/We Adhere To Quality First
TOEwine will invite high-quality exhibitor`s precisely to exclude " Low-quality " and "Fake " wine.We only want to be a quality wine fair which is only for quality merchants. Committed to shaping the wine fair of "Only good wine"in the eyes of the audience.

4/We Adehere To The Concept Of Professionalism
From the image output to the on-site operations,TOEwine adhere to the service concept of meticulousness and professioanlism.Let the audience and exhibitors experience a "specialized and branded" exhibition!

5/Extensive Media Cooperation Channels
With extensive press coverage in the domestic major wine media,we let more wine professionals know and come to TOEwine.We also cooperate with the most influential public media in Shenzhen,with a strong advertising investment to create a massive  brand-exposure with the city.

6/Unique Location Of The Exhibition
Shenzhen Convention&Exhibition Center is in the core area of Shenzhen CBD. It is the most frequently mentioned and most well-known exhibition hall in Shenzhen with convinient transportation (exhibiton center subway station) and complete facilities(star hotels,catering)!

7/Successful Experience For Two Consecutive Editions
The TOEwine Expo has been successfully held for two editions and the results in the first two years have been fruitful,where both exhibitors and vistors have learned ,trusted and loved TOEwine.